Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This House is Humming with Hope and Honesty

The caravan has left the station, but it’s not too late to get on board this journey to rollicking musical joy.

Anyone too cynical to pack a Kerouac rucksack or someone who thinks that the folk-pop revival is in decline because Mumford went electric, this person needs to suspend doubt and get inside the eclectic new full-length offering from Nashville troubadours Humming House. These sincere and soaring sounds should keep the new folk pantheon open for blessed blissful business, humming with hope and honesty.

Joining the ranks of great bands like the Beatles, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, or CSNY who change the world with harmonies and more than one lead singer, this elegant pop jam session sounds almost too good to be true. As Justin Tam and Leslie Rodriguez trade duties giving voice and vision to these eleven elevating ditties, listeners can get lost in the sounds that alternate between rambling road songs and passionate love songs. In the studio, Humming House take the dancing jamboree of their live shows up another notch in musical heaven, where accessible polish meets the faded and frayed familiarity of your granny’s front porch.

Humming House still travel in a van and are young enough to be fans of their own artform that continues to draw fans. Even though their catalog of original tunes is limited to two studio albums, they don’t skimp with too-short live sets like some bands do, but rather, fill out their time onstage with an epic array of cover songs. The Humming House versatility seasoned with their visionary openness means that fans of folk, rock, country, jazz, and traditional music can all find their way onto the entourage, showing up soon at a club, campus, or festival near you.

From start-to-finish after multiple listens, this record reveals new nuggets of sonic satisfaction every time; there’s not a weak track in the entire set. This music is dance-along memorable and sing-along meaningful and shout-out-loud lovely. Revelries reveals a top new Nashville talent that will take your ears and soul somewhere special.
Photos by Andrew Smith from Humming House at Tennessee Tech in April 2014. 
Revelries by Humming House is out today.