Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Exam: Chapter Outline

Tonight, for Teacher On The Radio’s 13th (and final) installment of the semester, I have a mix of 184 songs prepared on my laptop to play between 6pm and 7am. Depending on how the night goes and who shows up (and when) for morning rotation, I may exceed my thirteen-hour shift.

To the best of my knowledge, every song was released in 2007.

A complete playlist will follow, but here is my outline for the evening and the morning, divided into chapters. All times are estimates, of course.

Chapter One: Out of the Zone (6pm-7:30pm)
It’s supposed to be music variety, and I’m going out of my comfort zone just a little here with some recent prog metal, hip-hop, and pop-punk. Several shout-outs and dedications in this segment…….Not what we regularly hear on this show, but yo, so what!!!

Chapter Two: A Gospel of Girls, Good New Songs by the Good Ol’ Boys, and More (7:30pm-10pm)
B-sides, live tracks, and the intelligent babes of the music biz. And so much more. Too many of my favorite rock records of the year were recorded by men. But around 8pm, expect a hefty dose of aural affirmative action and estrogen energy with many of my favorite female vocalists of the year featured here. And most of the best of the best are younger than me. But many of WTTU’s deejays weren’t even born when I started listening to some of the artists featured in this section. Who said old fogies can’t kick it? Since I don’t expect my faculty friends to make it all night with me, there are several tracks here I think they will love.

Chapter Three: Already Classic Alt-Rock, Etc. (10pm-3:30am)
As much as I love other genres of music, alt-rock is, has been, and probably will always be my first and true love. In five hours of music and at least a few minutes of chatter from me, check out some of the best of the best of 2007. This is the stuff we will hopefully still listen to a year—or years—from now.

Chapter Four: Freak Folks, Obscure Oracles, Mellow Meditations, and Other Freaky Folks for 4am Friends (the graveyard shift til dawn and such)
Okay, you should be sleeping. And if you are awake, beware and prepare. Teacher on the Radio is going to massage your ears with the sounds of your dreams and your fears. This is where I play the stuff you never heard of and may never hear of because you should be sleeping. And at this point, I should (or may be) sleeping at the controls. Don’t worry, I will wake up to hobble home, just in time for the morning deejay to take over.

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