Monday, February 16, 2009

TOTR 46: "I Got Love For You"--Michael Franti Tribute Show!

From the late 80s to the present: all songs by Michael Franti


People In Tha Middle

Hole In The Bucket

Dream Team

Crime To Be Broke In America

Red Beans & Rice

Wayfaring Stranger

Anybody Seen My Mind

Stay Human

Oh My God

Do Ya Love

Skin on the Drum

Music for Democracy - Michael Franti Interview

Bomb The World

Yell Fire

East to the West

Sweet Little Lies

Hey Now Now

I Got Love For You

Hey World [Dont Give Up Version]

Obama Song

1 comment:

h-mac said...

Man, I just discovered Michael Franti yesterday- what a badass musician with an even more badass message! I'm in love.