Friday, August 10, 2012

Never Stop (special comment from 8.6.12)

Led by ears & eyes & surprise, we sent out seeking at the age of 17, collecting want & wisdom, song by song. Standing in line for tickets & saving ticket stubs, the mystery revealed itself inside record albums & lyric booklets & radio programs & live concerts.

Rock ‘n’ roll provided & still provides the soundtrack to every life lesson, a cultural lineage & cross-country itinerary to ineffable inspiration & dancefloor insurrection. Going to shows & meeting performers & hanging with other fans—this movement & motion of music & magic combined both hobby & vocation in a lifelong passion to discover the divine inside poem & song.

Beware what happens when such a traveling urge gets under the skin, when adventure battles to beat responsibility, when luxury seems more necessary than necessity. Pack a powerful medicine bag, pray an even more powerful prayer—& pray that others are praying for you, too. I never quite learned or discerned the proper distinction between the careless & carefree, & it’s nothing shy of miraculous that despite some quite visible scars, I’ve still survived & thrived relatively unscathed.

The song on the wind would carry me in every direction across terrible & beautiful terrains, from bicycle pilgrimages down broken-bottle alleyways, up to abandoned rooftops & down to barroom epiphanies. We followed many trails up many mountains, leap-frogged fears & followed detours & dead-ends & dirty gravel gunshot grooves.

Chasing butterflies across hilltop utopias, I lost my mind & taught the blind to lead the blind. Rattlesnakes & moonshine couldn’t cure an itch as I went from suburb to inner city to rural backwoods & finally empty-handed to a rented-house in a college town. Slowly finding my voice & losing it & finding it again. Certain constants carved tracks in the sand only to get washed away by the tide. Certain mercy & meaning hung loose only to get choked out by ego & pride.

Like cyclists seeking cover from a downpour, like spelunkers seeking light, we sought help like a drowning man desperate for dry land. So many illusions like guns to bury in the ground! So many apologies & too many mistakes & taking a mulligan on the 18th hole of life! We lost the ability or reckless desire to stay up all night, but we deliberately refined our meditative embrace of every dawn. Each day the reset button blinks brightly, our daily bread nourishes us to travel lightly. Never stop looking, never stop listening, never stop living just one day at a time.

Lots of different names for the incomprehensible & infinite love, but I am sitting out the argument game, dodging dogmatics & saving semantics for another saving time, for at least two hours sublime tonight. There’s a soundtrack that speaks wonders about the wonderful, & this is only one installment, & I’ve decided to play it loud.

There are different mixtapes to different life stories, but this collection of tunes tonight is mine, an audio autobiography if you will, & I want to share it with you.  

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