Monday, May 13, 2013

A New Life (TOTR 201)

 The Black Keys – 10 A.M. Automatic “You've got pains/Like an addict/10 A.M. automatic”
 Kings Of Leon – The Bucket “I’ll be in the lobby drinking for two” 
 Green Day – A Little Boy Named Train “I'm always lost and nothing will change/Give me directions and I'll get lost again”
 Green Day – Amy “Now you're too young for the golden age 'Cause the record bin’s been replaced 27 gone without a trace And you walked away from your drink”

 John Mayer – Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey “Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey/Wake up, shake it off/And repeat It's just a phase/It's not forever/It's just a phase/But I still might have a ways to go”
 Moon Taxi – Whiskey Sunsets “Drink it in, oh drink it in/Feel the shine upon your skin/Drink it in, oh drink it in/ Get ready for the night to begin/With those.. Whiskey sunsets/An extra pack of cigarettes/I know that I’m gonna be up all night”
 Punch Brothers - Rye Whiskey “Rye whiskey makes the band sound better/Makes your baby cuter/Makes itself taste sweeter/ Oh, boy/Rye whiskey makes your heart beat louder/Makes your voice seem softer/Makes the back room hotter, oh, but/Rye thoughts aren't good thoughts, boys/Have I ever told you about the time I.../Rye whiskey wraps your troubles up/Into a bright blue package/Ties a bow around it/Oh, boy!”  

Jake Bugg – Two Fingers “I drink to remember, I smoke to forget/ Some things to be proud of, some stuff to regret/ Been down some dark alleys in my own head” 
 Ceann – The Need for Mead 
Rodney Crowell – I’m a Mess “God gave me wisdom, but the devil’s got style/I’m a mess/Nothing less/I confess” 
 Lee Ann Womack – Momma’s On a Roll “Momma plus Daddy equals trouble when they start to drink/Me and my sister pouring liquor down the kitchen sink” 

The Deep Dark Woods – The Ballad of Frank Dupree 
 Trampled By Turtles – Codeine “Well you can keep your dusty bottle on your shelf/You can keep your words of wisdom to yourself/I love you darling so/Why can't you let me go” 
 The Dresden Dolls – My Alcoholic Friends “I'm trying hard/Not to be ashamed/Not to know the name/Of who is waking up beside me”
 Barenaked Ladies – Alcohol “Alcohol, would you please forgive me? For while I cannot love myself I’ll use something else” 
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge “I don’t ever wanna feel/Like I did that day” 

 Bruce Springsteen – Rocky Ground “Forty days and nights of rain have washed this land Jesus said the money changers in this temple will not stand Find your flock, get them to higher ground Flood waters rising and we're Caanan bound” 

 U2 – Wake Up Dead Man
 U2 – Hawkmoon 269 
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside (feat. Fences) 
 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Starting Over (feat_ Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses) 
My Morning Jacket – Victory Dance 
Jim James – A New Life 
Fun – Carry On

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