Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Bonnaroo Prayer

Creator of the Universe, God of Your Understanding or Tradition or Nontradition, or Simply Any & All Forces of Love & Benevolence Inherent in the Universal Consciousness, We pray today for the musical festival in Manchester, Tennessee known as Bonnaroo!

Please bless & protect everyone involved & shield us all from any harm. We pray for safe travels for all. We pray for drivers & passengers & patient grace in any traffic jam that might occur.

We pray for all the people in all the towns we pass through, especially as we get close in middle Tennessee. We pray for all the shop-owners, businesses, churches or others places of worship, citizens, and law enforcement. We are grateful for the welcome we will receive & we pray for the civilians whose days we might inconvenience or who may not understand our passion for music & the festival life. We pray for all the hospitality industry, restaurants, hotels, shuttle drivers, etc.

We pray for everyone at the Manchester Wal-Mart, customers, managers, staff, suppliers, parking lot hanging-outers.

We pray for all the people who made this festival possible, from Live Nation, AC Entertainment, & Superfly to all the sponsors, creatives, media, vendors, medical crew, staff, incoming security, onsite traffic flow, volunteers, nonprofits, Clean Vibes, law enforcement, & anyone & everyone else involved in the festival in the direct way. We are grateful you have made this possible. We pray for all the artists & performers & their respective staff, tour managers, roadies, & bus drivers. We are grateful for what you give us in art, music, film, spoken word, etc.

We are grateful for food & water & bathrooms & showers & all the ways we will take care of ourselves & each other over the coming days. We pray for moderation in intoxication & for the sobriety of all who abstain.

We pray for the fans, this is what we live for year round, may it be all we dreamed & more. May we dance, cry, twirl, spin, shout, sing, & everything . . . & more!!!

We pray for the weather; grateful for the forecast & ready for what comes. If it is cloudy, let them be clouds of mercy & movement. If it rains, may it rain hope & healing. If the sun shines, may it shine love & liberation for all sentient beings!! & “let there be songs to fill the air.”

For a safe & beautiful & blessed Bonnaroo for any & all we pray! Om, Amen, As above so below, may it be so, Namaste!

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