Sunday, September 26, 2021

Something for Everyone (TOTR 399)


[photo of 404 storefront by Ace Morgan; photo of your DJ hippypunk fannypack dancing by Jeff Rice]

Chumbawamba - Never Do What You Are Told

MDC - Something for Everyone

False Prophets - Invisible People

Operation Ivy - Room Without A Window

Green Day - I Was There

Pansy Division - Fem in a Black Leather Jacket

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Lungfish - Creation Story

Screeching Weasel - I Can See Clearly Now

¡Tchkung! - Gone to Croatan

Crash Worship -Dischordia

Short Dogs Grow - Desert Rain

Laughing Hyenas - Crawl

The Gories - Detroit Breakdown

The Orange Roughies - Eyepatch

Majesty Crush - If Jfa Were Still Together

Bongwater - There You Go

King Missile - How to Remember Your Dreams

Maggie Estep- Welcome To The Monkeyhouse

The Layabouts - Monkey Do 

The Layabouts - Ballad of Donna Lewis

Hakim Bey - Chaos

Sunfrog - Waiting For Richard

Roger Manning - Real Estate Blues

Lenny Pops - Talking Proletarian Blues 

Utah Phillips - I've Got to Know

Casey Neill - Riffraff

Chumbawamba - Happiness is Just a Chant Away

Show aired on Saturday 9-25. Listen to the audio archive here:

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