Saturday, January 29, 2022

As Long As The Grass Shall Grow (TOTR 407)


Sweet Honey In The Rock - Sylvie
J.S. Ondara - God Bless America
My Politic - Hope In America
Adeem the Artist - Fervent for the Hunger
The Layabouts - Too Late
Tom Robinson Band - Blue Murder
Bruce Cockburn - To Raise A Morning Star
Leo Kretzner - Hard To Give When You’re Being Taken
Deede Palazzola - The Bread Song 
Fred Small - You Can Get Used 
Rocky Frisco - Good For Business
David Abraham, Bob Corritore, & John Jacobs Danner - No Nukes News
Hal Rankin - As Long As The Grass  Shall Grow
Frank Thomas & Jay Whitecorn - S0ng of the Great Spirit
Buffy Saint Marie - Now That The Buffalo’s Gone
The Holy Modal Rounders - The IWW Song
Joe Glazer - 50,000 Lumberjacks
Utah Phillips - Pig Hollow
Utah Phillips - Yuba City
Joe Glazer - We Live In The Company Houses
Joe Glazer - We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
Joe Glazer - We Are Building A Strong Union
Peggy Seeger - Draglines
Peggy Seeger - Voices From The Mountains
Guy Carawan - Paradise
The Collection - Birds
Casey Neill & The Norway Rats - Everyone Wants To Be Found
Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

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