Saturday, March 19, 2022

Sunwheel (TOTR 414)

Originally aired on March 19, 2022.

LISTEN to the archive here:
Sally Anne Morgan - Garden Song
Robert Emmet Malcolm - Foggy Dew
The Kipper Family - The Rusty Cold Farmer
Bob Zentz - This Old Earth
Bob Zentz - Someone Else’s Songs
Paul Winter Consort - Sunwheel
Bob Devlin Street Band - Takin the Time to Take It Easy
Bob Devlin Street Band - Coffee Break
Bob Devlin Street Band - You Are My Sunshine
John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulders
Pentangle - Way Behind The Sun
Pentangle - Bruton Town
Gordon Bok, Ed Trickett, & Ann Mayo Muir - Turning Toward The Morning
Paul Metsers - Day Comes Soon
Paul Metsers - Crossroads
Norman Greenbaum - Jubilee
Steve Hackett & Richie Havens et al - How Can I?
Sun Child - I’m Changing Things
Sun Child - Sunny Side Up (Brighten Up Buttercup)
Eternal Wind - Passion of the Inquisition
Paul Winter Consort - Whole Earth Chant
Bloomsbury - Pickin n Grinnin On A Warm Spring Day
Dando Shaft - Kalyope Driver
Dando Shaft - Til The Morning Comes
Dando Shaft - Pass It On
Bob Lind - Remember the Rain
John Denver - Fire & Rain

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