Thursday, April 14, 2022

Beneath The Cobblestones (TOTR 416)

Originally aired on WTTU 88.5 FM on Saturday, April 9, 2022.
Listen to the archive here:

Vincent Neil Emerson - The Ballad of the Choctaw-Apache
Joy Harjo with
Mumu Fresh
Indigo Girls
Winona LaDuke
Pura Fé
Jennifer Kreisberg
Bonnie Raitt
Day Sisters
Soni Mareno
Waubanewquay -
No More Pipe Line Blues (On This Land Where We Belong)
The Little Unsaid - The Great Nowhere
Moddi - Beneath The Cobblestones
Kimya Dawson - Utopian Futures
Lunatraktors - 16000 Miles
Christy Moore - Clock Winds Down
Martyn Joseph - There Is A Field
Pixie & The Partygrass Boys - Be Kind
Pagan Holiday - Maybe Today Will Be Different
Joe Pug - I Don't Work in a Bank
The Local Honeys - Dying to Make a Living
Steve Earle - Devil Put the Coal in the Ground
Chris Doud - Who Shall Be Free
Colter Wall - Do Re Mi
The Longest Johns & Seth Lakeman - The Workers Song
The Mountain Goats - Solidarity Forever
Cahalen Morrison & Eli West - Our Lady of the Tall Trees
Jason Dea West
Cassandra Girard
John L Richardson
Kevin Hayezy - Mountain Air
Willi Carlisle - Tulsa's Last Magician
Nick Shoulders - New Dying Soldier
Adeem the Artist - Cast Iron Pansexual
Tim Vantol - Before It All Ends
Joe Troop - Heaven on Earth
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit - Everywhere Now

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