Monday, November 7, 2022

The Grease Factory (TOTR 437)


-originally aired on 88.5FM WTTU on Monday, November 7, 2022

-listen to the audio archive:

-a unique episode of DIY punk & adjacent underground rock from Cookeville & middle Tennessee, mostly from the 21st century

-special co-host & curator is Blake Marlowe (pictured) of The Dog’s Body

-we keep saying this is #436 during the broadcast, but it really is #437

The Hosemobile - The Grease Factory 
Glomus - Deluge
Hellbender - Phil’s Dream Pit
Hellbender - Down The Mountains
Holy Mountain Top Removers - Karst 
The Dog’s Body - Kirk
Turbo Fruits - Keepin’ On
Majestico - Gimme Love
Megajoos - Hungry for Souls and Funyuns
Jeff The Brotherhood - Garbage Man 
Pujol - How High
Diarrhea Planet - Heatwave
Big Surr - Cosign Tangent
Denny and the Jets - Pain Pills
Meemaw - Blue in the Black Light
Western Medication - The Painted World
Western Medication - Big City
Faux Ferocious - Beating In My Head 
The Kindergarten Circus - Twin Evils
Bows and Arrows - Let’s Take On The Night
Bake Sale - As Predicted
Blank Range - Roommate’s Girlfriend
Fly Golden Eagle - Monolith

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