Friday, May 10, 2024

From Shame to Celebration at the Adeem "Anniversary" Release Celebrations!


Yes, since February 2022, I have been seeking the full-immersion country-rock baptism in the plurality of pronouns that is the Church of Trash multiverse of an unapologetic Adeem the Artist friendship & superfandom. 

Yesterday morning I woke up with a line from Carolina to start the day.
“She fired red hot buckshot.” 
Driving to Nashville to get injected with some of that!

Some part of the insane sanity of this neurodivergent spark-seeker comes chasing the communal fire, that cauldron love & joy & rebellion at the left wing of folk & country, & with Adeem’s incomparable contributions, a life committed to doing this thing: 

“build a machine
That can convert shame into celebration”

We are driving to Nashville to discard the shame & join the celebration. 

Heaven, hell, sex, joy, theology, laughter, 
earworm choruses for years, 
fanzines & tarot cards in Asheville, 
devil-adjacent arms-flying fiddle-music, 
self-deprecating humor, 
political jabs at the hypocrisy of “all sides” 
without adopting either side 
except the side of human autonomy & dignity & justice, 
self-conscious social-media interventions, 
meditations, & confessions, 
irreverent chaplaincy for the deconstructed mystics 
for whom live music in independent venues 
is the last remaining chapel to express 
that vital pulsating energy that some folks call the holy spirit.  

Adeem The Artist
Anniversary Album Release Celebrations
Day One - 5-9-2024

Grimey’s In Store & Signing - Solo Acoustic

Night Sweats 
One Night Stand 
Socialite Blues 
Middle of a Heart


The Basement East - Full Band 
WSG Flamy Grant & Brandi Augustus
The Band:
Mark Connor - bass
Asher Coker Miller - Drums
Seth Hopper - fiddle 
Butch Walker - face-melting lead guitar on select songs!
Andrea Kukuly Uriarte - guest vocals


There We Are
Part & Parcel
One Night Stand
Fervent for the Hunger
Wounded Astronaut 
FM Radio (Dar Williams cover)
Carry You Down 
Socialite Blues 
Plot of Land
Night Sweats 
White Mule, Black Man
Tiger Prince of Knoxville 
Painkillers & Magic
Dirt Bike (with Andrea Kukuly Uriarte)
Jesus Christ Likes Fast Cars 
Middle of a Heart
Going To Hell

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