Monday, February 26, 2018

Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist (TOTR 324)

Psalters - Intro To El
Phil Ochs - I’m Going To Say It Now
AJJ - This Is Not A War
Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Where Are We Gonna Work (When The Trees Are Gone)
Bob Dylan - Motorpsycho Nightmare
Tigers Jaw - Never Saw It Coming
Nana Grizol - Circle Round the Moon
Apes of the State - On to the Next
Ghost Mice - Oh Me, Oh Me
Paper Ceilings - Too Long Didn’t Read
Paper Ceilings - walking is good for you
Jeffrey Lewis - Sad Screaming Old Men
AJJ - People
AJJ - Evil
AJJ - Survival Song
Mischief Brew - Coffee, God, and Cigarettes
Mischief Brew - Gratitude and Thanks
Mischief Brew - Love and Rage
Ramshackle Glory - Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist
Not Half Bad - Armchair Anarchism
Pat The Bunny - Never Coming Home
Paul Baribeau - Better Than Anything Ever
Paul Baribeau - Help A Kid Out
Mark Dann, David Occhiuto, Rod Macdonald - I’m Wondering Why
Utah Phillips - I Will Not Obey
Psalters - Hosanna
Psalters - Psalm 6
Psalters - Creed
Psalters - All Who Are Weary

Psalters - Wayfarin Stranger

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