Monday, April 13, 2020

An Easter Monday Mixtape

An Easter Monday Mixtape, recorded from vinyl to audacity in real time on 13 April 2020

Stephen C. Rose performed by David Grover & Judy Lunseth - Rolled Away 
Friends - Sing Hallelujah 
Berkeley Divinity School - Glory Hallelu 
Father Tom Belt & the God Unlimited Choir - Joy
Monfort Singers - The Hour When You Must Begin
Street Christians - It’s Been A Long Time A’ Comin’ 
Kell Street Camp Meeting - I Shall Not Be Moved
Mylon - I’ll Fly Away
Mylon - I’m Flying #1 (For Free)
Bill Withers - Lean On Me
John Prine - That’s The Way That The World Goes Round
Jerry Garcia - The Wheel
The Electric Prunes - Kyrie Eleison
Pilgrim People - Long Live God

Notes: I love making playlists, yes, & I even love Spotify. 

But there is something special about an old-school mixtape, about moving to a different room, about resetting your multitasking modern mentality into a dusty old-discs devotion. This mix is mostly from old-school folkie -- not-on-streaming-services -- Jesus vinyl, an ongoing obsession of mine. So Easter hippy Jesus Freak, with a few tracks you will recognize thrown in for timely memorial truth. At about 44 minutes, it would fit on one side of a 90 minute cassette. Some pauses are too short; others too long. There is the real scratchy groove, in this an Easter gift.

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