Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Before Us - for Kurt Eisen RIP (TOTR 368)

"Before Us - for Kurt Eisen RIP" aired on WTTU 88.5FM in Cookeville, TN on Monday, October 21, 2019.

Photo of Kurt Eisen's locker in the Tech Fit, shared with me by a friend.

Jackson Browne - For A Dancer
Warren Zevon - Keep Me in Your Heart
Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark
Sarah Jarosz - When Doves Cry
Valerie June - On My Way/Somebody To Love
Conor Oberst - Lenders in the Temple
Bob Dylan - I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
Wilco - Capitol City
Wilco - My Darling
Wilco - Before Us
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence
Grateful Dead - Brokedown Palace
Leonard Cohen - Waiting for the Miracle
Johnny Cash - In My Life
Tom Waits - Somewhere
Richard Thompson - Wall of Death
Bill Callahan - Lonesome Valley
Bruce Cockburn - It Won’t Be Long
Bruce Cockburn - Joy Will Find A Way (A Song About Dying)

Bruce Cockburn - Festival of Friends

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For Kurt
3 September 2019

note: written in love
first by hand
in a Cookeville coffee place
I know that this is not all that 
there is
I know there is humor & hope too
next time I will write that poem


I wanted to write you something
sweet or profound
but nothing comes quickly
not to pen or tongue or typewriter

there’s nothing sweet or profound
about this painful diagnosis
this palpable distance
what a long way we are

from the parties at the Osburns 
on Maple in the aughts
or your once pilgrimage
to Pumpkin Hollow

we’ve both wandered & traveled far
but your journey 
these last years
seems bent toward a different distance

landing in a gap
between the worlds
between this life &
whatever heaven awaits

of course I pray 
for a sweetness sometime
even a reason something 
anything to explain the suffering now

but it’s hard to get the head
from here to there
when pondering the already
arbitrary awful of 

a disease meeting a body
a body begging God for 
a different outcome even
a different world for

a better reality than this bitter brew
even in this same broken world
in all its tender broken beauty
love is still a world of

global warming
gun massacres & 
maddening cancers
all the arbitrary suffering 

that is just not
supposed to happen
to people
like you

Kurt, after a dream 

There you are 
we are at the door
of what must
be our work

you are stronger

our conversation
isn’t long
but I am 
surprised to 

see you
looking so good
but when
I wake

from the dream
it is 4am &
I am 

the only thought
that remains
after the dream

is that I have 
resurrection body

I don’t want
to wonder when
or wait to 
get the news

that you are gone
but part of me
just has to believe
the promises of God

we are just holding
you at the banks
of a special river

waiting for the 
boat that only
now you must 

crossing over 
has come for you
as it will come
for all of us 

one day
and I have to 
believe that when 
you get on that boat

that something better 
and more beautiful
waits for you
on the other side



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